Why choose custom window treatments & bedding when there are many ready-made options available?

  • Better quality construction. We run our own drapery fabrication studio; we personally design and manage every detail of your project.
  • Better coordination in your home. You choose from a wealth of fabrics to find a perfect match with your other furnishings. No longer will you have to settle for the best you can find in a store or catalog!
  • Fit challenging windows or doors. Arched or oversized windows, transoms, or architectural obstructions often require creative custom designs that you can't find ready-made. Your Window Treatments will fit perfectly whether your window is short or tall, wide or small! Bedding is made to fit your mattress & box springs. No more pulling it over to one side to hide that it doesn't fit! 
  • Guaranteed one-of-a-kind. You can be assured that your neighbors won't have identical curtains!
  • Details make all the difference. We take the time to add details like trim, cording, and hand finishing that define quality. Nothing is glued. 
    • Fullness - Our custom draperies are sumptuous, not skimpy. Everything we do is 2.5 - 3 times fullness, as opposed to 1 -2 times found in ready mades.
    • Pattern Matching - A true sign of quality. Your valance will have your fabric's main element (flowers, urns, etc.) perfectly placed all the way across.
    • Construction - Everything we do is Lined. It is also Interlined where necessary. We use 5" double hems with weights on all our Panels.
  • Custom simply looks and hangs better. Anyone can spot custom window treatments as soon as they walk into a room.
  • Custom Home Furnishings are affordable. Many people think custom is not within their budget. Beautiful fabrics and trims are available in all price ranges. We will work with you to create the home of your dreams, at a price point you can afford!

Custom window treatments can be the single most important element in pulling together your decorating scheme. Our goal is to provide up-to-date window treatments and other home furnishings that you will be excited about for years to come!